Saving living space for living things one yard at a time


Welcome to Citizens for Conservation's Habitat Corridors project. Our goal is to encourage and assist local property owners to become more earth friendly in their landscaping choices and maintenance practices. 

Although CFC is constantly seeking new properties to preserve and protect as natural land, the amount of such available acreage is shrinking. There is less and less suitable property for storing rainwater on site, for providing bird and invertebrate habitat, and for spacious preserves. However, there is an abundant untapped source of such property privately owned in the area. We mean your yard! Putting together many yards with healthy habitat, residents, friends, and neighbors can create a "national park" of sorts that protects our water table, air quality, native plants, and wildlife for everyone to enjoy.

A CFC volunteer who is a knowledgeable and experienced native plant person will make site visits and then make recommendations for changes that are beneficial for critters and for children and homeowners. Our suggestions will range from native plants to rainwater solutions to invasive species identification.  

Habitat Corridors will provide a sign to properties which meet our criteria as verified at a visit. Residents invested in using native plants and healthy yard maintenance practices qualify for the sign. 

For inspiration on what you can accomplish by incorporating native plants on your property check out this video.